This page will lead you to articles and research results that I have found to be interesting reading to the layperson. Besides my opinions in the blog posts this section should give a more objective picture of Cannabis and drug free hemp. I am including a short introduction to each.

Language may be German or English.

Analytics of hemp juice (German)
Bergische Universität Wuppertal • Management Chemischer Prozesse in der Chemie •
Akad. Dir. Dr. Helga Mölleken • Download: Uni-Wuppertal-Analytik-von-Hanf (pdf)

This is the analytics of hemp juice that made me pursue the subject of drug free hemp as suitable nutrition for humans. Other hemp varieties may lead to different results, but it shows how surprisingly nutritious hemp is.

American Cancer Society on Marijuana

This is an article on Cannabis Sativa the drug. It concentrates on THC and CBD. Even though the American Cancer Society is critical and cautious this article gives a good overview (2014) and many literature references. You can find further links to Marijuana “What is the history behind it?” and “What is the evidence” in the journal.

How Cannabinoids Kill Cancer • Dennis Hill

Shows how our Endocannabinoid system with its receptors acts in concert with THC and CBD from Cannabis to provide a complete immune response to kill cancer cells. Several literature references.

5 reasons to Juice Rather than Smoke Cannabis

This article in wakeup-world talks about Cannabis the drug that doesn’t act as a drug when juiced. It is informative and fun to read. Juicing here means mincing the entire plant material – but the information also applies to pressed juice.

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