Hemp juice is very well suited as admixture in beverages and foods, as spice and also as dietary supplement. It contains all essential amino acids, is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It contains many healthy polyphenols as well as all Cannabinoids that are present in the plant. Hemp juice is not just for vegetarians and vegans, it is for everybody wanting a healthy nutrition.

A suitable way of pressing the juice brings astonishing results. Hemp juice is very thick with ingredients, especially proteins. When you boil hemp juice for 10 minutes, it becomes even thicker, turning into hemp-tofu when cooled down. Hemp juice that does not thicken while boiling has already lost valuable ingredients when pressed.

Why press the juice? In the US juicing hemp often means to mince Cannabis finely in a blender. This is certainly the best way to have it all. But do we want all the fibers as well? Not really, because the fibers can cause unpleasant effects in your intestines, like gas. A more gentle application for humans is to press the juice. It is true that this way not all the ingredients will be available in the juice BUT the press remnants is an excellent feed for life-stock. Thus while growing hemp for industrial application you get in addition food for humans and feed for animals from the same field.

Something truly amazing: hemp juice acts as a natural taste enhancer:
Hemp has umami taste. A taste discovered about 50 years ago as one of the basic tastes we can distinguish. It can accompany proteins and gives you this satisfyingly full taste of your food. Hemp mixed with salty foods therefore can reduce the salt usage because it enhances hearty taste in its own natural way. At the same time the Cannabinoids in the hemp juice enhance the sweet taste in what you eat, thereby reducing your sugar intake without compromising any sweet tongue. Besides the academic research on the taste subject, we have proven this to be true over and over in our own experiments.

Hemp juice thus acts differently from sodium glutamate which can cause an overreaction of neurotransmitters in your brain and your nervous system. Cannabis balances the neurotransmitters.

An important task is to conserve the hemp juice well. It decays easily and even after boiling only stays a couple of days in the fridge. An odor of ammonia indicates you’ve waited too long with consumption. So far our best suggestion is to deep freeze the hemp juice right after pressing it. If you have more hemp plant material at your hands than you can press in one day, then you should conserve the plant material by freezing it before pressing.

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