Cannabis displays in medicine its versatile nature just as in nutrition and in its use as fiber. Research has shown that our body has receptors for Cannabinoids and even produces its own Endo-Cannabinoids. I envision the long evolutionary path we humans and the other mammals have taken together with Cannabis.

Just as hemp juice harmonizes the taste of our foods, the Cannabinoids harmonize our parasympathetic and sympathetic nervous system and bring about the homeostasis (the physiological balance) in all regulatory circuits in our organism that are governed by hormones. That means hemp juice with all its Cannabinoids – not just THC and CBD alone – act on our cardiovascular system, on nausea, spasms, epilepsy, MS, pains, migraine headache, osteoporosis, arthritis, digestion, sleep, depression, anxiety, obsessive-compulsive disorder, eating disorder. Cannabis is used in palliative medicine and in cancer treatment. Cannabis seems to be able to defeat cancer by bringing cancer cells to self-destruct. It is helpful in reducing nausea during chemotherapy. It may be that not only the Cannabinoids but also the polyphenols in hemp juice can prevent cancer sells from spreading. (See Research)

There certainly will be medical applications calling for a higher THC dose than can be found in drug free hemp. This medicinal application should be speedily made available to all patients in need in Europe as well as in the US and in Canada. Because drug free hemp (0.2% THC) is legal in the EU and in theory also in the US (0.3% THC) it should be made legally available for all – just like any other healthy food. In general there is a lack of double-blind studies on humans due to the long- standing demonization of Cannabis. Many findings in the mean time have been obtained in observation studies, which do not test mice but observe and document successful healings with Cannabis in humans.

I have named drug free hemp juice “GREEN SNAKE” to distinguish it from Cannabis the drug. It may sound much alike the “snake tinctures against all ailments” in the Wild West – however the big difference is: with Cannabis juice it is true ….

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