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Hemp juice made from industrial hemp is a drug free, non-psychoactive juice pressed directly from the plant Cannabis Sativa. “The Essence of Cannabis is in the Juice.”

Directly pressed raw hemp juice may be drunk pure “by hardcore Vikings”…. All others may mix the raw juice with tomato juice, vegetable juices or fruit juices to obtain a pleasant tasting drink. Neither sugar nor salt need to be added because hemp juice enhances both tastes naturally. The taste of hemp juice is uniquely “hempy” and a bit like hey. Different hemp varieties have different strength in bitter taste. The bitter taste is greatly reduced by mixing with vegetable or fruit juices. It seems that the bitterness vanishes and instead enhances the fruity note in fruits and will make sour tastes less harsh – for instance when mixed with orange juice. In vegetable juices or soups hemp juice enhances in a natural way the harmony between the vegetable tastes and brings out a satisfying umami taste. Hemp juice is great in sauces for pasta or for meat.

When you add hemp juice to your self made marmalades or to your happy hour drinks you will experience a pleasant surprise in new tastes.

Hemp juice can be used raw or boiled for 10 minutes. The two juices differ in taste and also in the effects on your cannabinoid receptors in your body. In raw hemp the typical cannabinoids mostly are bound to an acid Molecule. Boiling the hemp juice will separate the Cannabinoids from their acid part thereby “activating” the Cannabinoids. Which juice you prefer depends on the effects you wish to obtain. The raw juice contains to the fullest the nutrients. Boiling reduces the vitamin content, at the same time enhances the effects of the Cannabinoids in our body. For instance is the boiled Cannabis juice a stronger taste enhancer than the raw juice.

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Cannabis displays in medicine its versatile nature just as in nutrition and in its use as fiber. Research has shown that our body has receptors for Cannabinoids and even produces its own Endo-Cannabinoids. I envision the long evolutionary path we humans and the other mammals have taken together with Cannabis. Just as hemp juice harmonizes … Continue reading Medical

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Hemp juice is very well suited as admixture in beverages and foods, as spice and also as dietary supplement. It contains all essential amino acids, is rich in minerals, trace elements and vitamins. It contains many healthy polyphenols as well as all Cannabinoids that are present in the plant. Hemp juice is not just for … Continue reading Nutritional

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Cannabis is the next plant relative to hops. A tasty beer like beverage can be brewed from hemp juice without the use of grain, therefore gluten free and low in calories. Also mixed with beer a very pleasant drink results. Thirdly hemp juice can be added to the beer brewing process instead of hops. For … Continue reading Recreation

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For the application in skin care and wellness hemp juice turned into bath salt is wonderfully suited. It is easy to make and the salt preserves the hemp juice very well. The soothing and nourishing effect also helps with neurodermatitis. I suggest you add your own favorite fragrance. We have produced and tested crèmes and … Continue reading Cosmetics