When I decided to learn more about Cannabis I wanted to discover good arguments against its use as a drug. Cannabis was a drug to me and nothing else. I was an angry mother, angry at some people at the drug counseling service for taking it so laxly, for not condemning Marijuana as I thought they should.

Well, since then I have come around. I learned that Cannabis is far more than a drug! Cannabis is and has been a wonderful plant, full of beneficial ingredients, more useful than most other plants on earth. It has just one molecule that needs to be kept under regulation to protect our children, THC. Meanwhile I believe that legalization with regulation is the best answer to Marijuana abuse and criminality. And it is the only answer to give all those patients in need access to this wonderful plant.

Hemp fiber has been used and still is used in various ways in industry. I want to give drug free hemp a new place as valuable and protein rich nutrition for a growing population – as it has never been used before. In addition to industrial fiber, hemp is turned into something qualitatively different. It provides mankind and animals alike with nutrition that can be grown organically without pesticides – and that doesn’t need extra farmland.

Furthermore pressing the juice is another way to make Cannabis available as medicine rather than being smoked or turned into extracts. The full matrix of all plant ingredients becomes available for our health.

Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food! (Hippocrates)

Cannabis is more than a drug. Its drug free juice can be a sustainable contribution to the nourishment and to the health of us all. There is great potential for its use and for creativity to turn hemp juice into interesting new beverages and foods.

This is my mission and my passion!

My Invention