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Dieses neue Superfood Hanfsaft Salz intensiviert und harmonisiert den natürlichen Eigengeschmack aller Speisen. Es eignet sich daher hervorragend zur Veredelung aller Gerichte.


Sativa Vita Hanfsalz

• nur natürliche Inhaltsstoffe
• handgefertigt
• keine Zusatzstoffe
• Made in Germany

Für die Herstellung von SA•TI•VA•VI•TA® Gourmet-Hanfsalz wird mineralreiches Luisenhaller Salz in schonend gepressten, drogenfreien GreenSnakeⓇ Hanfsaft gelegt und zusätzlich mit Hanfblüten veredelt.

SA•TI•VA•VI•TA® Gourmet-Hanfsalz ist zu 100% naturbelassen und von Natur aus reichhaltig an Vitaminen, Mineralien, Spurenelementen, Proteinen, Polyphenolen, und den einzigartigen Cannabinoiden, welche nur in der Hanfpflanze zu finden sind.

Der nährstoffreiche GreenSnakeⓇ Hanfsaft im Sativa Vita Hanf Salz vollbringt es auf geheimnisvolle Weise die eigenen Nahrungsmittel mit einem einzigartigen vollmundigen, aromatischen Umami-Geschmack zu versehen – auf völlig natürlichem Wege.

Cannabinoide bringen dem Körper Balance & Harmonie.


Auf tolle Hanf Geschmackserlebnisse in Euren Küchen!

Happy hemping everyone!



Sativa Vita Gourmet Hanf Salz

6 reasons why you should eat hemp seeds

So everyone is raging about a new superfood: hemp.

Other than medical marijuana, the industrial hemp plant contains THC levels below 0.2% which makes it a non-psychoactive plant. However, it still contains all the positive aspects marijuana has without experiencing a “high”.

Firstly, it is not a novelty for humans to consume the industrial hemp plant as a food.

Rafael Dulon from Hanffarm states at the EIHA 2016 conference in Cologne that “hemp is a superfood with an extremely dense concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, healthy enzymes, additional phytonutrients.” He also mentioned “the absence of artificial ingredients, hormones, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, cholesterol, or bad fats in industrial hemp.”

Industrial hemp seeds are high in plant based proteins, contain all 20 amino acids including all nine essential amino acids, is high in fiber, essential fatty acids omega 6 and 3, vitamins, minerals, folates and iron.



Image copyright©: GreenSnake®

1. Source of fiber – Digestive health

Hemp seeds are a great source of dietary fiber which is important for our digestive system and most of us are lacking sufficient fiber in our contemporary diets. I can immediately notice the difference in my bowel movements when consuming hemp seeds.

2. Source of protein – Muscle health

Hemp is a great natural source of protein, suited for vegans and vegetarians as well. It is loaded with protein which we need for repairing and building muscles. Marlena says: “As a runner myself I can tell you I would not want to miss out on my post-workout hemp protein powder or GreenSnake® Hemp Juice boost.”

3. Source of fatty acids – Immune system cell health

Hemp is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which distribute oxygen to cells in our body, more oxygen equals more productive and healthy cells to fight off infections and viruses.

4. Source of fatty acids – Anti-inflammatory

Hemp seeds contain twice as much omega 6 fatty acids as omega 3. This is an ideal ratio to lower inflammation in the body.

5. Source of healthy fats and fiber – Regulates blood sugar levels – Sustained energy levels

The combination of healthy fats and fibers in hemp seeds helps the body regulate blood sugar levels naturally which prevents heart disease etc. This also leads to increased and better maintained energy levels without lows.

6. Source of essential fatty acids -Lowers bad cholesterol levels

High levels of healthy fatty acids in hemp seeds reduce intake of unhealthy fats and also help break down cholesterol.

Hemp seeds are also great for anyone with nut allergies, as they can eat them without any issues. There are no allergies know to hemp seeds whatsoever.

Hemp seeds are available in most health food stores and organic food stores as well as online. They are either whole hemp seeds or hulled hemp seeds without the fiber loaded outer shell of the hemp seeds. They taste delicious when roasted.

Let us know if you have more benefits to add or can share stories about your farvourite hemp food products!


Happy hemping everyone!