CBD Oils as Medicinal Products Often Fail their Declaration – How GreenSnake® Hemp Juice Solves this Problem:

CBD Products Often Fail their Declaration. Green hemp producers must be careful to give their clients proper and truthful information. Especially those producers who claim their products to have medicinal value. The big distinction is between industrial hemp grown on an open field and medical Cannabis grown indoor and often needing pesticides.

The one producer owning the world patent and registered trade mark to produce GreenSnake® hemp juice and hemp juice concentrate from industrial hemp does not claim to sell a medicine, not even a nutraceutical. Instead they produce just good plain nutrition, varying in quantitative content just like lettuce or tomatoes do.

However, GreenSnake® hemp juice had their products analyzed by labs over the years and wants to ensure their customers of legality as well as of defined cultivation standards used by their hemp farmers. The resulting quality of the juice with its ingredients is certified by the GreenSnake® label.

Industrial hemp juice has its own organic label – GreenSnake®

GreenSnake® hemp juice is a label especially designed for juice products from industrial hemp.

On the farmer’s side: Hemp fibers for industrial use and the upper green parts of the plant for human consumption are harvested at the same time from the same green hemp plant during flowering. GreenSnake®Hemp is grown from EU certified hemp seeds with less than 0,2% THC. GreenSnake® hemp is cultivated without pesticides or herbicides, with limited use of mineral fertilizers plus natural fertilizers. GreenSnake® hemp is not genetically engineered, receives no radiation treatment, avoids mono-culture. The cultivation of industrial hemp is sustainable for soil use and climate.

On the GreenSnake® Hemp Juice side: the juice is cold pressed with a patented process that makes the water soluble parts as well as the fatty acid parts available for human consumption. GreenSnake® Hemp Juice is just the pasteurized natural juice without artificial or other ingredients. It is the unique source of all Cannabinoids (CBD, CBG, THC and many more) without getting high – consumers will reliably remain under the legal detection level in urine and blood tests. GreenSnake® Hemp Juice contains activated as well as natural Cannabinoid-acids. Nutritional ingredients are 20 amino acids (all essential ones among them), omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, dietary fibers, natural vitamins, minerals and trace elements, Terpenes, Polyphenols, Chlorophyll.

The total content of Cannabinoids of GreenSnake® Hemp Juice is on average less than the Cannabinoid content of hemp extracts. Therefore GreenSnake® Hemp Juice is not a medical product, but it is suitable as daily health food to prevent a lack of Cannabinoids in humans and mammals.   The Cannabinoids in particular promote self healing of body and soul. They harmonize and empower in a calming manner.

Hemp is a spiritual master plant, serving others in an authentic but unassuming way. The best indication of its master powers is the natural gift of GreenSnake® Hemp Juice to enhance and harmonize the natural taste of alle foods and beverages.



Cannabis kehrt Alterungsprozess im Gehirn um – Cannabis reversed aging of brain !

Forscher der Uni Bonn haben herausgefunden, dass (in Mäusen) Alterungsprozesse im Gehirn durch Cannabis nicht nur aufgehalten werden, sondern sogar rückgängig gemacht wurden. Alte Mäuse lernten wieder wie junge, die Leistungsfähigkeit kehrte vollständig wieder. Dazu wurde nur ein niedrig dosiertes Cannabis mit wenig THC verwendet. “Mit steigendem Alter verringert sich die Menge im Gehirn gebildeter natürlich gebildeter (Endo)-Cannabinoide,” sagt Prof. Zimmer. “Wenn die Aktivität der Cannabinoide abnimmt, dann finden wir rasches Altern des Gehirns.” Speziell die Wirkung von THC wurde untersucht mit positiven Ergebnissen.
Wie mir scheint, kann sogar der Genuss von drogenarmem Nutzhanf mit geringem THC dafür sorgen, dass unsere körpereigenen Cannabinoide aufgefrischt werden.

English:   Researchers at Bonn university, Germany found low THC Cannabis to reverse aging in the brains of old mice. Not only did Cannabis stopp the loss in efficiency but it truly reversed the aging process and built a young, efficient brain in an otherwise old mouse body.

With age the necessary number of Endo-Cannabinoids in the brain is reduced. Learning inefficiency and memory loss ist the result. This no longer is our undisputed fate! We seem to be able to  even create a newly better functioning brain while eating/drinking Cannabinoids.

It remains to be seen whether eating/drinking Cannabinoids with GreenSnake® Hempjuice at a very low THC level i.e. without intoxication will be found to have a rejuvenating effect on the brain and the Endo-Cannabinoid system. Meanwhile it may help to regularly juice up your life with the only plant that replenishes the bodies dwindling Cannabinoid reserves. 

Remember, not the seeds, but the green parts of the Cannabis plant contain the Cannabinoids – and because of my invention to juice hemp on an industrial scale, you will be able to drink hemp juice or eat bread or other healthy products containing hemp juice – hopefully soon, when investment is taking hold. Nobody needs to inhale only parts of the healthy ingredients of the plant. Nobody needs to intake only parts of this wonderful plant as extracts. Drink or eat all the ingredients but do not get pain in the stomach from too many dietary fibers…therefore look for hemp juice.



6 reasons why you should eat hemp seeds

So everyone is raging about a new superfood: hemp.

Other than medical marijuana, the industrial hemp plant contains THC levels below 0.2% which makes it a non-psychoactive plant. However, it still contains all the positive aspects marijuana has without experiencing a “high”.

Firstly, it is not a novelty for humans to consume the industrial hemp plant as a food.

Rafael Dulon from Hanffarm states at the EIHA 2016 conference in Cologne that “hemp is a superfood with an extremely dense concentration of vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, healthy fats, healthy enzymes, additional phytonutrients.” He also mentioned “the absence of artificial ingredients, hormones, pesticides, chemicals, toxins, cholesterol, or bad fats in industrial hemp.”

Industrial hemp seeds are high in plant based proteins, contain all 20 amino acids including all nine essential amino acids, is high in fiber, essential fatty acids omega 6 and 3, vitamins, minerals, folates and iron.



Image copyright©: GreenSnake®

1. Source of fiber – Digestive health

Hemp seeds are a great source of dietary fiber which is important for our digestive system and most of us are lacking sufficient fiber in our contemporary diets. I can immediately notice the difference in my bowel movements when consuming hemp seeds.

2. Source of protein – Muscle health

Hemp is a great natural source of protein, suited for vegans and vegetarians as well. It is loaded with protein which we need for repairing and building muscles. Marlena says: “As a runner myself I can tell you I would not want to miss out on my post-workout hemp protein powder or GreenSnake® Hemp Juice boost.”

3. Source of fatty acids – Immune system cell health

Hemp is high in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids which distribute oxygen to cells in our body, more oxygen equals more productive and healthy cells to fight off infections and viruses.

4. Source of fatty acids – Anti-inflammatory

Hemp seeds contain twice as much omega 6 fatty acids as omega 3. This is an ideal ratio to lower inflammation in the body.

5. Source of healthy fats and fiber – Regulates blood sugar levels – Sustained energy levels

The combination of healthy fats and fibers in hemp seeds helps the body regulate blood sugar levels naturally which prevents heart disease etc. This also leads to increased and better maintained energy levels without lows.

6. Source of essential fatty acids -Lowers bad cholesterol levels

High levels of healthy fatty acids in hemp seeds reduce intake of unhealthy fats and also help break down cholesterol.

Hemp seeds are also great for anyone with nut allergies, as they can eat them without any issues. There are no allergies know to hemp seeds whatsoever.

Hemp seeds are available in most health food stores and organic food stores as well as online. They are either whole hemp seeds or hulled hemp seeds without the fiber loaded outer shell of the hemp seeds. They taste delicious when roasted.

Let us know if you have more benefits to add or can share stories about your farvourite hemp food products!


Happy hemping everyone!



The Big Seven – European Hemp Trade Fairs 2016

The Big Seven

Save the dates of the following hemp trade fairs around Europe this year as to not miss a chance to hemp network around! GreenSnake® hemp juice will be around!

Mary Jane Berlin – 27th-29th May 2016Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.37.40.png

Mary Jane Berlin will take place between the 27th and 29th May 2016 in Berlin at Postbahnhof.

Over 100 exhibitors will be at the trade fair, including food stalls, medical talks, live music and entertainment.

Ticket prices range from 10€ – 30€ for 1/2/or 3 day tickets.


Cannabis XXL Munich 8th-10th July


Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.54.13


Cannabis XXL, taking place 8th until 10th July 2016 in Munich, Germany at Zenith Munich.

Focus will be on food, building material, paper, textiles, cosmetics, energy, medical etc.

CannaTrade Zurich 2nd- 4th September 2016

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.47.39.png

CannaTrade Zurich will take place 2nd – 4th September 2016 in Zurich at Stadthalle Dietikon.

1 day tickets are 17€ and 3 day tickets go for 35€.

An exhibitor list can be found here.

Cultiva Vienna 7th-9th October 2016

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.59.56

Cultiva in Vienna, Austria, 7th until 9th October 2016 at Eventpyramide Vienna.

Day tickets are 15€ and 3 day tickets are 30€.

Exhibitor map can be found here.

Canna Berlin 30th October – 1st November 2016

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-04 um 11.07.06.png

The first Canna Berlin will take place at Arena Berlin 30th October – 1st November 2016.

Unfortunately the event organisers had to reschedule the event which was initially going to take place in April 2016.

Ticket prices range from 10€ early bird day tickets to 3-day tickets for 25€

CannaFest Prague 6th-8th November 2016

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 14.15.39.png

CannaFest Prague will take place 6th until 8th November in Prague, Czech Republic.

The trade fair runs for the sixth time this year.

1 day tickets are 8€ and 3 day tickets are 15€.

Spannabis Barcelona  11th-13th March 2016 Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.39.47.png

Another big one is the Spannabis in Barcelona, Spain, which already took place in March this year, so you will have to wait until 2017 for a hemptastic trip to Barcelona.

We look forward to meeting as many of you as possible at the hemp trade fairs this year!

GreenSnake® Hemp Juice is spreading the message about our ultra high CBD levels of 300mg CBD per 100ml serving of our GreenSnake® Hemp Juice!

Get in touch if you would like to schedule a meeting with us at one of the trade fairs:

Happy Hemping everyone!

Cannabis als Medizin – der Kurs

Bildschirmfoto 2016-05-16 um 13.15.46

Das Hanfjournal hat einen informativen Artikel mit dem Titel “Der Kurs zu Cannabis als Medizin – Teil 1” veröffentlicht, in dem Dr. med. Grotenhermen die medizinisch wirksamen Bestandteile von Cannabis zusammengefasst hat.

Falls Ihr also irgendwelche Fragen haben solltet, schaut Euch den Artikel an und er wird Euch hoffentlich helfen Licht ins Dunkel zu bringen.

Beispielsweise erklärt Dr.med. Grotenhermen CBD wie folgt:

 “Cannabidiol ist das häufigste Cannabinoid im Faserhanf und in Drogenhanfsorten oft das zweithäufigste Cannabinoid nach THC. CBD verursacht keine cannabistypischen psychischen Wirkungen. Es besitzt beispielsweise antiepileptische, angstlösende, antipsychotische und weitere Eigenschaften, die medizinisch genutzt werden können.”


Deshalb lieben wir unseren GreenSnake® Hanfsaft, denn er ist voll mit CBD, 300mg CBD pro 100ml GreenSnake® Hanfsaft!


Happy hemping!

Save the date – CannaTrade 2016 in Zurich

This year’s Cannatrade – International Hemp Fair will take place again in Zurich from the 2nd until the 4th of September.

Save the date for a great opportunity to get inspired, network, and have a hemptastic time in Zurich!

Sign up for an exhibitor stall here.

Or just come as a visitor.


Hope to see you in Zurich!


Happy hemping everyone!



Hemp and Hop Almdudler Limited Edition out now for Euro 2016


The Austrian beverage company Almdudler is offering a Hemp and Hop Almdudler limited edition as part of the #almflitzer range from March until July 2016 for the Euro 2016!

12963683_1064671843602893_7430394687845581024_nUnbelievably pleased to see established beverage companies like Almdudler incorporate hemp into their product ranges!

We would love to see a collaboration between GreenSnake® Hemp Juice and Almdudler at some point!

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-28 um 12.06.36.png



Happy hemping everyone!

Hemp Juice Lady in the Press: Klönschnack

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 15.02.50.png

Source: http://www.kloenschnack.de/magazin/gesellschaft/geschmackswunder-hanf/ 


Geschmackswunder Hanf

Hausbesuch bei Galathea Bisterfeld von Meer, Erfinderin

Image №1
Galathea Bisterfeld von Meer 

Kommt das Gespräch auf Hanf, denken die meisten Menschen direkt an die Droge Cannabis. Galathea Bisterfeld von Meer hat in der Nutzpflanze ein ganz anderes Potenzial entdeckt. Welches, das verriet sie Anna-Lena Walter bei einem Hausbesuch in Othmarschen. Der Besuch bei der Erfinderin Galathea Bisterfeld von Meer in Othmarschen beginnt mit einer Butterstulle. Schon beim ersten Bissen wird klar, das ist kein normales Brot. Es handelt sich dabei um eine ganz besondere Mischung: Dinkelmehl, Leinsamenschrot und Hanfsaft.

Nachgefragt berichtet die sympathische 66-Jährige von ihren langjährigen Experimenten mit Hanf.

„Alles fing mit meinen Töchtern an. Wir zankten uns um das Thema Cannabiskonsum und weil ich ihnen immer sage, dass sie sich mit Themen genau beschäftigen sollen, baten sie mich darum, das Gleiche zu tun.“

Die lebensfrohe Mutter dreier Töchter begann also, sich mit dem Thema Hanf zu befassen. „Ich war schnell begeistert von der Vielseitigkeit dieser Pflanze. Aber auch, dass sie alle wichtigen Proteine beinhaltet, machte mich neugierig.“ Schnell wuchs in ihr der Wunsch heran, aus Hanf ein Lebensmittel herzustellen.

„Meine Recherchen ergaben, dass noch niemand versucht hatte, aus ihr einen Saft zu pressen.“ So erwarb sie tatkräftig in Holland zig Pflanzen, mietete eine Fabriketage an und experimentierte drei Jahre lang mit Hanf. Am Ende schaffte sie es endlich. Aus der oberen Spitze der gut vier Meter hohen Pflanze und den Blättern ließ sich Saft pressen. Auch die faserigen Pressreste verwendet sie weiter. Natürlich sind die Produkte völlig drogenfrei.

„Das Besondere am Hanfsaft sind die enthaltenen Cannabinoide, diese stellt der menschliche Körper tatsächlich auch selber her, aber mit steigendem Alter wird die Produktion weniger. Dieser Stoff hat eine gesundheitsfördernde Wirkung und kann, laut Forschungsberichten, sogar dabei helfen, Krebszellen zu zerstören.“

Die Neugier trieb die gebürtige Rheinländerin weiter an, aber was sollte sie gegen den doch recht bitteren Geschmack des Hanfsaftes tun?

Sie experimentierte mit anderen Lebensmitteln, wie Fruchtsäften, Gemüsen, Brotteigen und Salzen. „Da erhielt der Hanf plötzlich seinen Platz, denn andere Geschmäcker werden durch die Zugabe des-Safts viel intensiver. Ein tolles Geschmackserlebnis!“

Neben dem aufwendigen Pressverfahren erfindet die findige Elbvorortlerin auch noch eine eigene Produktreihe, wie Hanfbrot und -Salz. „Allerdings möchte ich jetzt nicht unter die Bäcker gehen. Ich suche jemanden, der das Patent kauft und dann die Neuentdeckung verbreitet.“

Der Weltmarkt zeigt bereits Interesse an ihrem Herstellungsverfahren und dem Endprodukt – denn plötzlich wird aus einer Nutzpflanze eine Heil- und Nahrungspflanze. „Vielleicht kann ich mit meiner Erfindung die Welt ein kleines bisschen besser machen – denn Hanf wächst überall und ist ein prima Protein-Lieferant.“

Autor: anna-lena.walter(at)kloenschnack.de

Source: http://www.kloenschnack.de/magazin/gesellschaft/geschmackswunder-hanf/


Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 14.55.41

Source: Klönschnack Printausgabe 12/2015


happy hemping everyone!

Hanf kann Krebs heilen – Hemp can cure cancer


Die Möglichkeiten mit Hanf Krebs zu heilen gehen auf die Wirkungen der Cannabinoide in unserem Körper zurück.

Hanf stärkt unser eigenes Immunsystem zur Abwehr von Krebszellen auf mehrere Weise.

Laut Angaben einer Studie von Prof. Dr. Burkhard Hinz, Direktor des Instituts für Toxikologie und Pharmakologie an der Uniklinik Rostock sind es die Cannabinoide, die dem Krebs den Kampf ansagen. “Die Cannabinoide setzen eine Wirkkaskade in Gang, indem sie die Bildung eines bestimmten Proteins auf der Oberfläche von Krebszellen anregen. Dieses Protein namens ICAM-1 wiederum ermöglicht die Bindung von Killerzellen des Immunsystems, die letztlich die Tumorzellen zum Platzen bringen. Über ICAM-1 und einen nachgeschalteten Signalweg hemmen Cannabinoide auch die Fähigkeit von Zellen Blutgefäße zu bilden, die das Tumorwachstum begünstigen.”

Aber bitte rauchen Sie diese wunderbare Heilpflanze nicht. Als Medikamente kommen die Cannabinoid Extrakte zum Einsatz. Den vollen Gehalt aller Inhaltsstoffe der drogenfreien Hanf Pflanze können sie als Nährstoff reichen Hanfsaft zu sich nehmen. Das ist die natürlichste Art mit Hanf Bekanntschaft zu machen.

Mir hat der folgende Artikel auf Horizon World zu dem Thema besonders gut gefallen:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 14.24.49




In dem Artikel wird außerdem auf das folgende informative Video bezüglich des Endocannabinoidsystems verwiesen:

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-20 um 14.13.47

Source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AjenV03KfD4

Teilt gerne Eure Erfahrungsberichte in den Kommentaren, ich würde mich freuen persönliche Geschichten zu hören.


happy hemping!



Hemp Juice Lady on World Vegan TV

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-06 um 16.08.52

We had the pleasure of having Welt Vegan Magazin and Welt Vegan TV (World Vegan TV) come over for an interview with Hemp Juice Lady regarding GreenSnake® Hemp Juice.

The interview sheds light on how the invention of GreenSnake® Hemp Juice came about in the first place – and why it has been patented for a good reason.

Learn about the endocannabinoid system in our body. GreenSnake® Hemp Juice  contains 300mg CBD per 100ml serving of hemp juice, two servings of 100ml each per day would cover the amount cancer patients receive during treatment.

See our office foodie favourite: hemp bread! Hemp bread line in the pipelines coming up in Hamburg soon! We have been using hemp salt for years now: salt drenched in GreenSnake® Hemp Juice.

If you want to enjoy some GreenSnake® Hemp Juice straight away, try our SA•TI•VA•VI•TA® Gourmet-Hemp Salt!

The aim is to make GreenSnake® Hemp Juice available to consumers as widely as possible.

Thanks Jannine Benkhardt from Welt Vegan TV (World Vegan TV) for this great interview and the marvellous edit of the footage!

Head this way for the full interview.

Happy hemping everyone!


vegan tv hanf saft