Hemp Juice Lady on World Vegan TV

Bildschirmfoto 2016-04-06 um 16.08.52

We had the pleasure of having Welt Vegan Magazin and Welt Vegan TV (World Vegan TV) come over for an interview with Hemp Juice Lady regarding GreenSnake® Hemp Juice.

The interview sheds light on how the invention of GreenSnake® Hemp Juice came about in the first place – and why it has been patented for a good reason.

Learn about the endocannabinoid system in our body. GreenSnake® Hemp Juice  contains 300mg CBD per 100ml serving of hemp juice, two servings of 100ml each per day would cover the amount cancer patients receive during treatment.

See our office foodie favourite: hemp bread! Hemp bread line in the pipelines coming up in Hamburg soon! We have been using hemp salt for years now: salt drenched in GreenSnake® Hemp Juice.

If you want to enjoy some GreenSnake® Hemp Juice straight away, try our SA•TI•VA•VI•TA® Gourmet-Hemp Salt!

The aim is to make GreenSnake® Hemp Juice available to consumers as widely as possible.

Thanks Jannine Benkhardt from Welt Vegan TV (World Vegan TV) for this great interview and the marvellous edit of the footage!

Head this way for the full interview.

Happy hemping everyone!


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