4 Tips how to press hemp juice yourself

• Nutritional • For those who want to press hemp juice themselves:

01. If you want to press hemp juice yourself, you have to find a farmer. Close to Hamburg, Germany it could be „Hanf Schnitt Nord“. See whether they sell you their hemp and wait for the harvest this year which should be around mid to end of August.

frozen-hempjuice 02. You can deep freeze the hemp – take only the leaves and the upper leafy parts because they contain most of the good stuff – and press the juice whenever you want from the frozen leaves. It is important to freeze the leaves right away to avoid mildew. The stems of the hemp are used for industrial purposes and you can leave those to the farmer.

protein-foam 03. Then to activate the cannabinoids in the hemp (there is still no high from industrial hemp!!) you have to boil the pressed juice with some water for about 10 min. Watch out because of the many proteins in the hemp juice it may boil over the pot, so be careful.

04. In order to really enjoy the juice mix it with apple juice or orange juice or tomato juice about 1 part of hemp juice to 5 parts of fruit or vegetable juice. You may make your own juice for your own consumption any time.

„Cheers – to your health!“

If you are interested in selling hemp juice please consult “Green Snake” and look for the international patent rights. I welcome business partners in the hemp juice business and in the making of beverages and products therefrom.

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