CBD News – International Cannabinoid Research Society 2016

CBD News from the International Cannabinoid Research Society 

297 scientists met in Poland June 2016 to share their research results on cannabinoids. I want to share some with you.

STROKE: CBD reduces brain damages in animals after a stroke.

NEUROPATHIC PAIN TREATMENT: THC and CBD work synergistically.

CANCER: CBD potentiates Big pharma meds effect in prostate cancer and induces death in myeloma cancer cells.

BLOOD PRESSURE: in animals is reduced by CBD.

LEAKY GUT: CBD protects against intestinal permeability caused by stress.

ALZHEIMER’S:CB2 cannabinoid receptors are active when reversing memory loss and neuro-inflammation.

Anandamide is a main endo-cannabinoid helping to maintain homeostasis. The other principal cannabinoid is 2AG, important in stress resilience.

DIET has important impact on the endo-cannabinoid system. Eat fresh.

OLD: cannabis pollen found in Tibet is almost 20 million years old.

CANNABIS RESEARCH: led to the discovery of a “hitherto unknown biochemical communication system in the human body, the endo-cannabinoid system”.


The ICRS has teamed up with Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. Publishers to bring you Cannabis and Cannabinoid Research – an open access journal for the cannabinoid sciences.

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