Court case over Cannabis Oil. Hemp juice may alleviate problems for patients.

Investors are on the alert concerning the sustainability of CBD extracts on the market. It will be decided in court, whether the “CBD oil” “Charlotte’s Web” may be produced and sold legally.

It must be disconcerting, to say the least, for parents of ill children to be uncertain about the quality and legality of a Cannabis product that reportedly has helped children in the past, but is in doubt now.

When the help of Cannabinoids is in demand, a drug free variety of Cannabis, the industrial hemp plant may help out as a nutrition rich in Cannabinoids and Terpenes. Industrial hemp does not qualify as a medicine, but as nutrition it can prevent a deficit in the body’s own endo-cannabinoid system by supplementing with Phyto-Cannabinoids.

Instead of preparing CBD oils by chemical extraction, a patented procedure to press the juice from the green industrial hemp plant greensnake® hemp juice may alleviate the dire straits, parents of sick children find themselves in. Reportedly the german owner of these patents valid in the US and Canada is licensing now.

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