ANUGA 2015 – Cologne, Germany

ANUGA is the world’s leading trade fair for foods and beverages in Cologne, Germany.

We have seen many inspiring exhibits, and met great people! There is so much creativity globally in creating healthy foods and beverages for a growing population.

We are always looking for new ways to combine our patented drug free GreenSnake® hemp juice with other great foods and products (potential investors head this way please!).

We have tried lots of (fruit and herb) juices, soft drinks, several beers, and vegan food.

At home we tried several coconut waters in combination with our GreenSnake®hemp juice. But decided hemp and coconuts might not be the best comination. May be your tastebuds tell you differently.

We see a great potential taste wise in the combination of beer and hemp juice. The Hemp plant is the next relative to the Hops plant But the beer manufacturers we talked to seem to be rather conservative. At home we’ve brewed hemp beer ourselves with hemp juice replacing the hops and some of the water added to the brewing process. With the right kind of yeast our (amateur) result tasted surprisingly good.

Searching for hemp juice in the ANUGA search keywords brought us to “Cannabis Energy Drink” with trace amounts of hemp seed extract and 80 mg caffeine per can. This is just one more of those hundreds of energy drinks on the market. Energy drinks act on the sympathetic nerve system (alertness, rapid heartbeat, stops digestion etc.) whereas hemp strengthens the parasympathetic nerve system (relaxation, good sleep, good digestion). The CBD rich hemp juice energy that comes with feelings of wellbeing and inner strength is quite different from the nervous alertness that comes with lots of caffeine, taurine, guarana.

Our three favourites were:

  • Something we had never even heard of before, rice and pasta made of the Konjak vegetable, from D’Lite Food based in Australia.

Their Konjak pasta and rice range contains 95% less calories than normal white wheat pasta or rice. Only 8 calories per 100g serving! Plus, it is vegan and free from gluten, fat, soy, and sugar.

  • We love our SativaVita® Hemp Salt and use it for everything but we did also love the German range of salts by The King of Salt. Particularly the range of liquid salts, coming in either spray or squeeze bottles. This liquide salt comes directly from an ancient submerged sea of salt in Germany.

They come in different flavours such as pepper, vinegar, umami, ginger etc. In combination with  GreenSnake® hemp juice this fine tasting salt could enfold the magic taste enhancing qualities of umami observed with cannabis/hemp!

  • Last but not least, another product we particularly liked came from Austria, called VeggieMeat.

Main ingredient are pea proteins, free from soy. The texture is literally just like chicken, would be fairly hard to distinguish the two!

Our GreenSnake® hemp juice experiments keep continuing, as usual!

You can now also find Hemp Juice Lady on Facebook!

And if you haven’t watched my hemp knowledge videos yet, head over to my GreenSnake® Youtube channel.

Happy hemping everyone!



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